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  1. Roadmap to Retirement Income – The Role Annuities Can Play. Covers various annuity models, insurance coverage, contract structures and the possibilities and changing an older, ineffective annuity to a current model that would work more effectively.
  2. Four Common Misconceptions – This booklet dispels four common misconceptions about retirement planning.
  3. The Changing Story of Retirement – Packed with information, this booklet can help individuals in planning for retirement by helping them understand: the factors involved in the decision-making process, work with financial professionals, communicate with family and be flexible both before and during retirement.
  4. Will You Have Enough? – Answer these six essential questions to help you plan for your retirement income.
  5. Road to Retirement – How Will You Manage it? Learn to navigate obstacles to help you arrive at your desired retirement destination.
  6. Retirement Income Planning Checklist – Many variables are involved in creating a retirement income strategy for today’s retirees. What follows are 10 things to consider when working with a financial professional to develop a retirement income strategy.
  7. Top 10 Things – To Consider When Preparing for Retirement. This quick-start action plan will help individuals in their first steps to preparing for retirement.
  8. Own Your Retirement – 5 Mistakes to Avoid Making Now. Common mistakes that are overlooked in planning for retirement.
  9. Retirement Playbook – Lessons from Retirement All-Stars. Nine (9) best practices that should be employed in planning for retirement.
  10. Tax Strategies – Buckets Create Tax Choices. This booklet is filled with strategies that will help you lower your tax during retirement.
  11. Social Security Decisions –  The What, When, Who and How?


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